Boundaries + Mental Health

February 21, 2023

Let’s talk about boundaries and mental health!

When you operate out of empathy, it’s often hard to set and respect boundaries. But when you compromise your boundaries, you are also compromising your physical, mental, and emotional health.

I will be the first to admit I need to do a better job of setting and respecting my boundaries.

When I launched and operated my wedding planning business, I had a really hard time disconnecting from my work. I mean, after all, I was helping couples plan one of *the* most important days of their lives… how does one *not* get emotionally involved in that?

And now, as a nutritionist… how does one *not* get emotionally involved in their clients’ health?

When I am not feeling my best physically, mentally, and/or emotionally, my work and home life suffer. I am not showing up as my best self for myself, my clients, or my husband.

When you are winning, the people around you, and those most important to you, win too.

Here are a few things to remember about boundaries to help you experience happier and healthier moods outside of a balanced diet, hydration, daily movement, and sleep:

+ if you don’t respect your own boundaries, no one else will respect them

+ if experience negative reactions to your boundaries, those are not “your people”

+ boundaries are what help you thrive and not just survive – you’re allowed to take up space

+ you can edit, tweak, or change your boundary and its parameters at any time to match your desired lifestyle

My best advice around boundaries comes down to one thing: what type of environment do you need to create so you can grow into the ideal version of yourself?

Whatever that environment includes- begin there.

You can be in love with your work, but you must first be in love with yourself.


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