Courtney Noelle

Hi friend, I’m Courtney! Many know me as Courtney Noelle (my first and middle name), Courtney Noelle Shale (my maiden name), and now Courtney Noelle deVaudreuil (my married name). No matter how you know me, or what name you know me by, welcome to my site!

I have done a lot of things in my 29 years, but here are a few highlights of who I am if I had to define myself with words: I am a 3x entrepreneur, community builder, marketer, event planner, speaker, educator, author, passionista, and avid personal development junkie on a mission to help encourage, motivate, and inspire others to live a life they love.

Within my website you will find a combination of my greatest passion projects. I invite you to click around and see what I have been up to these past seven years since launching my brand and starting out on this beautiful entrepreneurial journey. Lifestyle | Courtney Noelle has experienced many eras- from weddings and events, to wellness, to creative business strategy, and I have finally reached that long-term vision of what I hoped my brand would become and more. And I am beyond proud of it!

My site is currently under construction as LCN Events prepares for relaunch, but you can learn more about “all the things” by navigating the menu at the top.

Where to begin? Click “Learn More About Courtney” to start exploring!