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From "Yes!" to "I Do!"

The LCN Experience

"I’ve been trying to figure out what to say when it comes to reviewing a person who has changed my life for the better. It’s hard because you can go on and on and eventually you people reading this will be like “okay I get it, she’s amazing.” But Courtney really is just flat out amazing.

After I got engaged, my mom and I thought we could plan my whole wedding ourselves and we could figure it all out. Boyyyy was I wrong! I met Courtney through one of my mom's coworkers and we got dinner one night.

As soon as we sat down and started talking, I knew this girl would not only be my wedding planner for the next 10ish months, but she’d also be one of my great friends for the rest of my life. Her personality is one in a million and the way she presents herself and her business is top tier professional.

Courtney did everything for me and my (now) husband. Like everything (minus the couple of things I wanted to do lol). The conversations with vendors, setting up and attending meetings, the several phone calls, reminders about payments, setting up schedules, the timelines, she was there every step of the way. The constant communication between her and her couples is outstanding. There was never a time when I had to wait more than 5 minutes for a text or call back, she was there 24/7!

I can honestly say my wedding would have been a total disaster if it weren’t for her. I never had to worry about one thing! Courtney was my rock all throughout wedding planning. If you are looking for someone who is going to make your life easier and stress free in one of the most supposed stressful times of your life, look no further because Courtney is your person!

I was asked so many times if I was stressed or if my mom was stressed and we both could honestly answer no, we never get stress because we had the best wedding planner. Courtney truly puts you and all your dreams and wishes first, and she makes them come true.

My wedding was actually everything I dreamed of because of her. You could see every detail come to life all because of her. I cried and cried on my wedding day mostly because I was just in awe at how one person could make something so magical.

I will forever be grateful for Courtney. In her I found not only the best darn wedding planner, but a lifelong friend! If you’re looking for someone to help turn your Pinterest board into reality, please hire Courtney from LCN Events. Trust me, she will make all of your dreams come true."

- Elena, Bride

"Courtney was fantastic! There were so many stressful nights on the phone with my mom about wedding planning that I just couldn't take it anymore. We hired Courtney on as a "day of service coordinator " but she was MUCH more than that. We had a few minor (yet huge) details we hadn't worked out yet when we hired her, and she was more than willing to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Living in Florida, and planning a wedding in Ohio was not easy, but Courtney sure made it as easy as possible. My stressful conversations with my mom on my way home from work each day, would end in a text to Courtney who would reassure all was good, or get whatever was on my mind figured out. From late night texts about random things that popped into my head, to sharing dog photos and stories, she was there when I needed her.

The week of the wedding, was the first time we got to meet her face to face. She has such a kind and fun loving personality that is so easy to work with. Day of the wedding, she helped to make sure everything was set up at the proper place at the proper time. She even helped me to make my grand entrance into the church after I threw a hissy fit about the rain before I had to walk down the aisle (I had to go outside to walk through the main doors of the church).

I have always been the kind of person that is constantly concerned about everyone else. I was terribly worried I would be this way on our special day, and not be able to enjoy it. With the thanks to Courtney and my family, for once in my life, I didn't have to care about anyone else, and I could let go and enjoy.

Honestly that is hands down one of my favorite things about the day. Being able to actually enjoy all your hard work come together and spend your time with your significant other, friends and family. Thank you, Courtney! Please never stop sending Moose pictures!"

- Selina, Bride

From "Yes!" to "I Do!"

The LCN Experience

"Words cannot describe how much I loved working with Courtney Shale of LCN Events. I honestly have to say that hiring her for the full wedding planning was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life, besides marrying my husband of course!

I had met her through my officiant Atonn Smeltzer and I will be forever grateful that he introduced us! Although I hired Courtney later on in the process she helped me complete my vision and make my wedding dreams come to life. She recommended a dream team of vendors and was with me through all the intricate details of the planning process including helping me address my save-the-dates and invitations, and create a detailed timeline.

Courtney was always there to guide me through some of the stressful tasks and comfort me and my family throughout the whole process. Even when small road-blocks came up I knew everything would be ok because Courtney was there to have my back. She made my life so incredibly easy during the planning process and ensured that my other vendors understood my dream.

Courtney truly shined on the day of the wedding and made the day go by seamlessly. She was all over the place making sure all the vendors came on time and ensuring everything went to the right place. She even helped set out some of my ceremony decorations.

Courtney was always there when I needed her on the big day and was only a text away. She always checked in on me at least once an hour and checked in with my vendors to ensure that everything went perfectly. She was completely prepared with her emergency bag when my bridesmaid suddenly had a dress fit issue.

She was there to guide me through the whole process of the day and ensure that my dress looked perfect going down the aisle. She also kept everything running on time.

I seriously could go on for hours about how amazing Courtney is, and I honestly don’t feel like words can do her justice. I highly recommend hiring Courtney for her services! It will be one of the best decisions you will ever make! I even developed a life-long friendship with her. Seriously what more could you ask for?"

Rachel, Bride

"My husband and I have known Courtney for years now and seeing her grow into the wedding planner she is today is absolutely amazing.

We got engaged 2 1/2 years ago and then got married on June 8, 2019. It was the best day of our lives and a huge portion of it we owe many thank yous to Courtney.

From the minute we got engaged Courtney was by our sides helping us prepare for our magical day. With it being so far out she knew the timeline and when to get things done. She would message us reminders and gave us a schedule for when certain things should be booked, bought, etc.

Then as the big day came even closer (like 6 months to go) we had phone conferences, she contacted our vendors, she created a timeline for our day - I honestly could go on and on with all she did to help.

Then, the day before, she attended our rehearsal and I couldn’t have been happier because I was a nervous wreck and wanted everything to go perfectly. She was such a positive energy - she answered everyone’s questions and was very reassuring with any concerns that came up.

On the big day she helped with anything and everything! Our families and friends were so impressed that we still get compliments to this day about what a great day it was and what an amazing job Courtney did to help it go seamlessly.

We had another coordinator too at our venue and Courtney and she worked so well together that they were like the dream team. I want to keep going on and on about how great Courtney is but what I want to say now is that any future brides and grooms should definitely hire her as your wedding planner ASAP.

I have NO DOUBT that she will help make all your wedding dreams come true. I am so beyond proud of the business that she built and cannot wait to see her continue to flourish in the future.

Josh and I are so happy with how our big day turned out and have been in marital bliss ever since! I am so glad I am able to call her not only my wedding planner, but my friend. Thank you again Courtney!"

Natalie, Bride

From "Yes!" to "I Do!"

The LCN Experience

"I wish there was an option to give Courtney 500 stars because that's what she deserves! When we started wedding planning last year, I had people ask if I was using a wedding planner / coordinator & I kept thinking that it wasn't necessary. Our photographer really pushed us to find one & I am so happy she did!!

If you are a bride-to-be, I cannot recommend Courtney enough!! She went above & beyond to make sure our big day ran smoothly & was perfect. She met with me multiple times to go over details & made me feel totally at ease. She constructed a timeline for the wedding day & coordinated all of our vendors' timing, so I wouldn't have to worry about a single thing. Any questions or concerns I had at all, she responded immediately & kept reassuring me that she had everything covered, which she did! She took the time to get to know my whole family & became not only a friend, but part of the family by the time it was all done!

The day of the wedding, she made sure every detail was perfect. She brought me champagne when we were getting around & even had champagne delivered to our hotel room on our wedding night! She truly was the go-to person for every person involved in the wedding, so I didn't have to worry about a thing. On the wedding day, she ran errands for the caterer, delivered all my flowers, was able to cue the music & keep my young flower girls & ring bearers in line, which wasn't easy!

She thought of thoughtful details like decorating the room I got ready, had an emergency kit to fix bridesmaids' hair & even had straws for my drinks so I didn't mess up my lipstick! I was smiling & laughing & able to truly enjoy the entire day, totally stress-free & I have Courtney to thank for that! If you are wedding planning, do yourself a huge favor & hire Courtney. I promise you there are a million details you aren't even thinking of & Courtney is your girl!! She is such a sweetheart & I can't thank her enough!"

Nikki, Bride

“I knew from the moment I met Courtney that I wanted her to be my day of coordinator, and I am so glad I went with her!

Super-fast communication, very professional, relational, and very passionate about her work! I didn’t have to worry about anything during the big day because I knew whatever happened it would be in Courtney’s capable hands.

She went above and beyond, even giving me assistance and advice prior to my wedding, and helped with the rehearsal the night before. Highly recommend!”

Ellie, Bride

"Let me tell you about this awesome girl!! Courtney helped my wedding run smoothly. She is an absolutely amazing wedding coordinator that will help you with all of your wedding needs! She is so caring and wants to help you have the most perfect day! She'll also travel to you if you don't live close to her!! Courtney goes above and beyond for all her brides! Book her!! It will be the best decision you ever make!"

Hayley, Bride

"I know Courtney from college and was excited to see her in the wedding industry after I got engaged! I thought my family and I could handle planning the wedding on our own, but as the date got closer we became a little more worried! I reached out to Courtney and she was more than willing to help make the day go smoothly! Not to mention... I really did reach out with only a few months left until the wedding, but Courtney picked up from where we left off and helped with all the details

We were so happy to have someone that was able to be there day of who would be able to be a runner and keep the crowd controlled. She went out of her way the night before the wedding to find a unity candle (one of those small details we forgot about!). We were so thankful for her help!"

Aislin, Bride

“I’ve known Courtney for over 4 years and she has always wanted to start her own business. Ever since she first told me about it, I told her when I got engaged she could plan my wedding and I would not trust any other person with such an important event.

The moment I got engaged, she prepared a comprehensive wedding planning guide that is over 30 pages to help my fiancé and I plan out special day. This comprehensive wedding planning guide was full of important checklists and diagrams to help plan every aspect of getting married and planning the day I have always dreamed.

It is awesome to work with a wedding planner who is there through every step and is willing to step in where needed. It is comforting to know that your wedding planner is willing to go to appointments with other vendors and make sure you the process is going smooth.

Courtney is one of those people in my life I can go to for creative ideas or if I’m stuck between a decision. My wedding planning is one of the smoothest events I have ever planned in my life and a lot of that is because I have Courtney as my wedding planner.

I would recommend Courtney and her business to anyone and everyone I know or come in contact with. When working with Courtney you are going to get the day you have always dreamed about, and it will be a smooth process all in one. Courtney is the most passionate person I know when it comes to planning a wedding and you will not be disappointed.

I am so beyond blessed and grateful that I have an amazing wedding planner and also beyond excited to share my big day with an amazing friend. Book Courtney today and have the wedding of your dreams!!!”

Brii, Bride

"I had amazing help for my wedding, it wasn’t planned but Courtney did such an amazing job stepping up and helping when I needed her most!"

Elizabeth, Bride

"I actually have not had the pleasure to have worked with Courtney as a client, I have just been able to work with her as a fellow bride and former friend from college during a recent bridal crisis. She had absolutely no reason to reach out to me (I wasn’t using her services; therefore, she wasn’t receiving any monetary reward in return for doing so) but as a wonderful human she came to my rescue without hesitation asking if there was anything she could do.

She made phone calls, messaged vendors and continuously checked in on me through the whole situation and reassured me that everything would be just fine. I can promise any bride that I would guarantee she will go above and beyond if you choose her to be your coordinator for your day not only as a professional but as a friend, as well. You’re an angel and thank you again!"

Madeline, Bride

"Hi Courtney, It's Joe, FOB. Aislin & Joel, Laura, Steve, Rhonda and I want to thank you for your services during the planning and wedding day of Aislin & Joel.

We know that it was short notice, but you took a semi-organized plan of activities and help turn it into a detailed - organized list - that allowed the whole event to go smooth. Your suggestions to each of us and to other vendors involved in the wedding is much appreciated.

Thanks for making it easy to communicate (phone, group calls with all of us, text, email) with you throughout. And most important, we are so grateful to you taking over the primary communication with the Reception Hall, DJ, Photographer, Florist, Cake chef, Limo and Bus companies, etc. That took such a load off of all of us and allowed each of us to focus on Aislin & Joel's marriage and all the family & friends who came to witness.

There also many things that you did - the day of - that I am hearing about from different people - so we would not have to worry about it. What a great day. Thanks for all of your help, Joe"

Joe, Father of the Bride

"Courtney was a Godsend to me during my daughter’s wedding. I was trying to do everything by myself and found it overwhelming. I knew I needed help desperately! Courtney came highly recommended and as soon as we met we just clicked.

She immediately put me to ease by picking up my fragmented plans and implementing the perfect wedding day. My daughter loved working with Courtney. She is approachable, kind, positive and a solution finder. Courtney made things happen quickly. There is NO procrastinating with Courtney. She made phone calls, sent emails, booked vendors who were excellent and kept my daughter and I up to date with all plans.

Courtney is clever, artistic and during the wedding day she made sure everything moved smoothly. She was behind the scenes and let my daughter and I enjoy the day. We did not worry about one thing.

Courtney made her job look easy, which is absolutely remarkable. I would use Courtney for ANY future function. I highly recommend her services. We just loved her!!"

Kathy B, Mother of the Bride

"Courtney is one of the most genuine and motivated people that I have ever worked with. She cares so much about the industry and is always looking to better herself and the people that she is working with.

Last year, Courtney took time out of her day to help me learn the ins and outs of planning events. She taught me things that could not have been expressed in the classroom and even invited me to tag along and gain first-hand experience.

Without her positive outlook and love for helping others I would not be where I am today. If you are looking for a flawlessly planned and perfectly executed event, then she is your girl.

Courtney will make sure that every last detail is accounted for. Take the stress off of your plate and let Courtney handle the rest!"

Emily G, Sales Specialist - Hilton

Wedding Industry Professionals

Praise + Kind Words

"I worked with Courtney on a recent project that required an intense amount of planning, and her superior coordination skills really gleamed. Not only is she the best coordinator I have ever worked alongside, but she also has other hidden talents that showed themselves throughout the process and saved our lives! (Gorgeous photo arrangement and flat lays??)

Courtney will surpass any and all expectations you may have for a wedding planner. She is intelligent, personable, and professional, and I would highly recommend her to anyone planning any event. She's like an organization and coordination wizard!"

Alaina T, Owner, Alaina Thomas Makeup Artistry

“As a professional in the wedding industry, I would recommend hiring Courtney. Having a wedding planner is so important and you won’t be disappointed in hiring Courtney. She is attentive to your needs and will make your day run smoothly, plus she’s super sweet and easy to get along with”

Billie Jo, Owner, Beauty by Billie Jo

“Courtney made sure everything was in line from start to finish! She did an awesome job previous to the wedding and after as well! She is going to rock the wedding world in the near future. Enjoyed working with her!!”

Jenny V, Owner, GardenView Flowers

“When you work with Courtney, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind experience. The beautiful thing is you’re her ONLY wedding that day! Courtney’s attention to detail, amazing timeline skills, and open communication with other vendors to get everything “perfect” really shine through!

You will not be disappointed in the boutique, personalized experience. Trust Courtney to run your day and have a stress-free wedding!”

Lindsay R, Owner, Luckybird Photography

“Courtney is so wonderful at what she does. You can tell she is extremely passionate and caring for what she does and the people she does it for. Not only does her attention to detail ensure your special day will be everything you have ever dreamed, but her personality brings such joy to the entire planning process.

She is such fun to work with and be around and will make sure she can help you in any way, shape, or form. There is no one better at their craft, and no one who is more fun to work with!”

Grace N, Owner, State of Grace Paperie

“As on officiant, I have worked alongside a number of wedding planners and I can say with no reservations that it has been an absolute pleasure working together with Courtney!

She has everything that you could wish for in a wedding planner- she is detail oriented, highly energetic and totally committed to bringing each couple’s vision to life, but even more important, rather than being overwhelming, she balances all of her energy and organization with her incredibly warm personality and openness. LCN is the perfect choice for the couple with an exciting vision for their wedding, but who doesn’t want to stress about the small stuff.”

Atonn S, Owner, Weddings for the Ages

“I have had the pleasure of working alongside Courtney as a vendor. Her friendly demeanor and overall energy drew me towards her right away! She not only was meant to be a coordinator, she has a passion for it.

She remembers the sole purpose for her job that day, but still treats the bride as though she is part of her own family, attending bridal gown fittings, texting till late in the evening about details- even compiling an AMAZING guide to keep brides on track and organized"

Not to mention her creativity continues to astound me! I look forward to working more with her in the future and seeing whose dream she will perfect next! Book her today; it’ll be the best decision you could ever make!”

Sam B, Market Manager

“As wedding photographers, my wife and I have had the pleasure of watching Courtney work closely with couples to deliver the perfect day for them. Her organization and reliability are unparalleled.

Although always ready to offer suggestions and guidance, she is always respectful of everyone’s opinions. Courtney is always cheerful and upbeat. We have seen how she takes the time to get to know each of her clients and vendors alike.

Over time, she has built a large network of wedding vendors, allowing her to tailor to her couples’ wishes to get the best fit possible and create wedding memories that will last a lifetime. Bottom line… She is a top-notch planner that is well worth the investment”

Kevin + Julie, Owners, Veranda Studios

“As videographers, my wife and I had a great experience working with Courtney. She’s very professional, and always willing to go the extra mile. It’s very clear that she’s passionate about her work and cares about each and every one of her clients. I highly recommend Courtney!”

Aden + Gabrielle, Owners, Walsh Wedding Videography

"I have worked with Courtney Shale a few times professionally. She put her heart into everything she does. She is very detail oriented with great follow through and response times. I have never had to worry if we forgot to do something or have an item with us, Courtney always had it covered!"

Michelle M, Owner, Belle Amour Bridal

Wedding Industry Professionals

Praise + Kind Words

"Courtney is an Amazing person, planner, educator and the lists go on and on! She truly puts her whole heart into bringing your visions to life. It is so much more than one day, and Courtney works tirelessly to make sure it turns into everything you’ve always hoped and dreamed it would be. As a fellow wedding vendor and soul worker, I know who is true and who isn’t. Even if you decide to go in a different direction, Courtney is a must when it comes to wedding planner considerations. Do yourself a favor and reach out to her!"

Chris Marinski, Owner, Signature DJ