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Business + Lifestyle Education for Creative Entrepreneurs

Courtney Noelle Business + Lifestyle Education for Creative Entrepreneurs: an educational coaching and mentorship program designed to help creatives launch their business idea through business and marketing strategy that will engage their audience, build brand awareness in their community and uniquely showcase their business brand story. Proven results, increased sales and organic growth.

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0 Years in Business as the Founder of Lifestyle | Courtney Noelle and Owner of LCN Biz + LCN Events
0 Years of Education at Bowling Green State University to obtain my BSBA in Sales + Services Marketing
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For the Passionate, Determined

and Incredibly Ambitious

My program was founded on the mission of encouraging, motivating and inspiring creatives to create a business and lifestyle they love through mindset, marketing, creative branding and personal development.

Together, we will focus on transforming you and your brand into the best version possible where you have unshakable confidence, determination and clarity on your message, your services, your products, your pricing and more.

Because of this process, and continuously learning and growing, I am here today to help creatives and business owners just like you pave way to make it happen.

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From Creatives + Biz Owners Just Like You


I highly recommend Courtney for your social media and copywriting needs! When I hired Courtney in June, my Instagram was tanking due to the person I had hired previously and after Courtney took one look at my KPI's, she told me to work with her instead and she would crush it! She was SO right! Since then I have gained 1,634 active and engaged followers, 700 of which were from the last month of August. She thinks of the best content subjects and asks me questions I would have never thought about answering before, let alone turning those answers into educational posts, introductions, etc. My leads have doubled since she took over as well! I am so incredibly happy she's my professional hype girl and honestly I couldn't see anyone else doing my social media. My advice is to hire her asap!


I found Courtney through her website and social media and immediately knew she was the person that I wanted to coach and mentor me into launching my new small business. I was terrified to get started and her positive attitude helped me get the push I needed - so far our time together has been so worthwhile! She has taught me tons about marketing, social media branding, and startup organization for a small business. Could not have gotten started without her!


I have never met anyone as influential, helpful, wholesome, or attentive as Courtney. She has been a phenomenal mentor and friend through my journey of creating and building my brand because she doesn’t just build brands. She builds you.


Courtney is one of the most genuine and motivated people that I have ever worked with. She cares so much about the industry and is always looking to better herself and the people that she is working with. Last year, Courtney took time out of her day to help me learn the ins and outs of planning events. She taught me things that could not have been expressed in the classroom and even invited me to tag along and gain first-hand experience. Without her positive outlook and love for helping others I would not be where I am today.

- EG

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Encouragement + Motivation + Inspiration

from Courtney Noelle

“The Best Way to Predict YOUR Future is to Create It”
“Success is a Series of Small Wins. I Like to Call Them Breakthroughs”
“Life is Too Short to Be Anyone But Yourself”
“You Can’t Step Into Your Purpose Until You Step Out of Your Past”
“Your Life is as Good as Your Mindset”