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Courtney Noelle Coaching and Education was founded on the mission of coaching women to become their own kind of badass by elevating their energy & creating mental and physical confidence in their everyday lifestyle.

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0 years at Bowling Green State University, earning my BSBA in Sales and Services Marketing
0 speaking opportunities to encourage, motivate, and inspire women in their personal and professional lives
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"I have never met anyone as influential, helpful, wholesome, or attentive as Courtney. She has been a phenomenal mentor and friend through my journey...she doesn’t just build confidence. She builds you."


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“The Best Way to Predict YOUR Future is to Create It”
“Success is a Series of Small Wins. I Like to Call Them Breakthroughs”
“Life is Too Short to Be Anyone But Yourself”
“You Can’t Step Into Your Purpose Until You Step Out of Your Past”
“Your Life is as Good as Your Mindset”