Wedding Planning Education

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Wedding Planning Education

If you’ve been reading through my website, you may have noticed the theme of “more than a wedding planner”.

To me, “more than a wedding planner” means going above and beyond for not only my couples, but couples who are planning a wedding in general (even if they don’t hire me!).

The way I like to think of it is like this- if you haven’t planned a wedding before, chances are there are many things you don’t yet know, and that is totally ok!

I think one of the biggest things the wedding industry is lacking is insightful and relatable wedding planning education that can easily be applied by any couple planning their wedding.

Think of it this way- why take hours and hours to learn about “something” you will likely only do once when you can turn to a professional who specializes in that “something”? For me, that’s how I think of my business taxes. Sure, those occur annually, but still. My point stands, ha!

As you scroll through these posts, I hope you not only find relevant wedding planning tips and tricks, but you feel as if you are being spoken to one-on-one; like someone is taking the time to really understand you and provide guidance that you can apply to planning for your big day no matter where you’re at in the process.

Find a topic you want to chat more about? I invite you to reach out so we can schedule a call to talk through your questions and vision!