Uncomfortable Truths We Need to Accept

November 17, 2021

I am a no BS type of coach who focuses just as much on my clients’ personal growth as I do their physical growth.

Something I have picked up for myself over the years that I carry into my programming is that we MUST get uncomfortable to grow.

Maybe that means getting vulnerable.

Maybe that means calling yourself out.

Even though it is something we MUST do, that doesn’t mean it is an easy thing to do.

I’ve always said, “if we aren’t learning, we aren’t growing and if we aren’t growing, what is the point of any of this anyway?”.

The above has been my motto that has pushed me when I want to shut down and hide how I am feeling, blaming my circumstances on external factors when, in fact, it is a very internal thing.

My belief is that to be happy when we achieve our goals, we must be happy with who we are on the inside first.

It took me a long time to break down my own walls and do the hard work to get me to where I am now, and that is exactly what I help my girls with.

Three uncomfortable truths we need to accept during our journey to becoming the healthiest and happiest version of ourselves are…

Regret will haunt you more than failure.

If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting the rest of your life.

You can’t expect people to help if you won’t help yourself.

My challenge for you today is to take some time, be intentional, and write out some of the barriers that are holding you back and dig deep.

Why are these barriers so hard to overcome?

After you answer that, keep asking “why”. Over and over and over again until you get to the *real* root cause.

I promise, it will be worth it.

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