Signs of Progress Other Than Weight Loss

October 26, 2021

3 Signs of Progress Other Than Weight Loss ??

It can be so easy to get caught up in the number on the scale and feel like you have made no progress. Trust me, I have been at this for years and have had my fair share of “yep I am done with this” and “there is no point”. BUT, I want to challenge you to measure progress in ways that have nothing to do with numbers.

Here are my top 3 ??

1️⃣Your clothes are fitting better and there are noticeable differences in your progress photos (Swipe to see a one-year comparison where you can def tell my top is less tight! I went from a XL/L in bottoms to a M, and from a L on tops to a M/S!)

2️⃣ You have more energy during the day and are sleeping better at night (falling asleep faster and staying asleep)

3️⃣ You are experiencing generally happier and more stable moods, leading to less anxiety in your day-to-day routine

Remember this….

Simply being mindful of how you fuel your body and being intentional with movement throughout the day is a game changer, yielding the signs of progress mentioned above.

Every day doesn’t have to be perfect, you just need to be consistent.

And on days when you don’t feel motivated, remember why you started.

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