Factors Affecting Your Progress

October 26, 2021

Do you ever feel like you’re putting in tons of effort, only to see minimal results?

Your motivation starts to lack, and just like that, you are ready to give up on yourself… again.

You begin to wonder why you have a hard time reaching your goals and why it isn’t easier, mostly hung up on the time it is taking to notice a difference.

Let me tell you this – every single person who has ever tried dieting or pursuing weight loss has had the thoughts and feelings above.

We all have goals we want to meet, but feel they are out of reach when we see all sorts of people online finding quick fixes and seemingly looking different overnight.

Can I tell you something?

There is no such thing as a quick fix, and if something or someone makes a claim of x results in a ridiculously small window of time, and you have your doubts… you should! Run away from it as fast as you can. It’s bad news. Don’t go down that path. It is extremely unhealthy, and you will thank me later. End rant.

Instead of searching for quick fixes or feeling like nothing is working for you, do a self-check first.

Are you setting yourself up for success?

Unsure? Consider these overlooked factors that are affecting your progress.

1. You aren’t getting enough sleep / prioritizing rest. How many hours do you sleep per night? Do you give yourself rest days? Do you feel burnt out and exhausted?

2. Insufficient water intake / dehydration. How much water are you drinking per day? Do you have constant headaches? Do you feel fatigued and “out of it”?

3. Your calories are set too low / too extreme of a deficit. Are you severely under eating thinking if you eat less, you will weigh less? Are you constantly thinking of food or in a state of hunger? Do you often feel achy or dizzy?

Sometimes the results we want to see come from simple concepts we often overlook. Don’t forget the basics! The life you want starts by building a strong foundation.

So, the next time you get discouraged, refer to this post! Remember that good things take time, and if your progress is stalling, don’t give up. It’s time for a self-check!

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