Are You Eating Enough?

October 26, 2021

Chronic under eating… this week we are talking about your relationship with food.

As mentioned in last week’s #wellnesswednesday post, changing your mindset takes a lot of work and is something you cannot give up on. But when you are feeling stuck, you are probably wondering how to take action in a way that will move your forward versus moving you back.

Many sources on the internet push out the same information, which is often misleading. The best way to spot those you should listen to are the ones that make you think “yeah right that’s not what I have been told all my life”. Why? Because those are the ones trying to change the stigma with result of helping you.

So, how to you heal your relationship with food? Step one is to forget everything you “know” about diet culture, and instead do some inner work to figure out what your fears are with food.

* What have I been told all my life that makes me run away from diet culture?

* What have I experienced with diet culture that has me feeling like there is no hope for me?

* What fears do I have around trying another diet or program?

* Why does the thought of eating more scare me?

* If I was given the tools and resources to heal myself, what am I not willing to sacrifice?

* Am I willing to trust the process and stick it out?

Answering these questions will be a huge step toward beginning your journey to healing your relationship with food.

Think about it. Are you willing to take the path less traveled to get to the healthiest and happiest you?

I sure hope so.

Does this hit home? Do you need some guidance on the mindset portion of answering these questions? Click the link in bio to schedule a call and work through this together.

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