What’s Your Magic? Turning Your Passions to Purpose

December 20, 2019

Written by Courtney N. Shale // 12.16.19

EMI Podcast Script. Click here for the audio version.

It’s MAGIC week!

Let’s talk about your personal magic. Your secret sauce. What makes you, YOU.

We have talked through getting your heart and mind ready, now it’s time to talk about that voice inside you that wants you to own your inner badass and bring your passions to life.

I was listening to a sermon this morning (shoutout to Debbie for sending it to me) and there was a specific part that spoke to me and feels so aligned with this week’s topic.

“So much of the decisions that we make in our lives that cause us confusion is because we do what we had in mind before consulting God on what He has in store” – Pastor Steven Furtick

FEELS, am I right?

Now, you might be thinking, “what does that have anything to do with our passions, Courtney?”

I’m glad you asked!

When it comes to passion and purpose, aka your magic and secret sauce, I want you to know that these things are not random.

That thing that sets your soul on fire?

That thing that motivates you?

That thing that explains your “why”?

Friend, that is your passion. That is part of your purpose. And in case you didn’t know, God put that there.

When we align with God’s promises for us, when we consult God on what He has in store BEFORE we make decisions and end up confused, we are ultimately following our passion and fueling our purpose for something so much bigger than we can now see.

But we must choose to BELIEVE it.

I ask God every day to align me with what HE wants for me. Some days I might stray off course, but even with a few wrong turns, we always end up where we are meant to be.

Friend, as Pastor Steven Furtick put it, what does your picture look like? Is it different from what you thought it would be in this season?

If so, I ask you to do some soul searching and uncover your passions and purpose. For more on uncovering your passions and purpose, go back and check out episode 2.

The life you’re looking for is already yours.

The question is, are you ready to claim it?

Let’s dive in.

What sets your soul on fire?

I remember coming across this question over and over and over throughout college, but time and time again it came from one of my personal heroes, Dr. Gene Poor, in his entrepreneurship courses.

He would always talk about finding your passions and chasing after what sets your soul on fire, or whatever it is that puts a fire in your belly.

For me, I always feel that fire when I am working my magic around planning and executing a wedding; just as I always feel that fire when I am doing my thing to encourage, motivate and inspire others through this podcast, writing, and most importantly, public speaking + educating.

I just get SO in the zone and something takes over me as if God is speaking through me. I swear, it’s like I black out and just let go.

Heck, I know I have said it before that I always go back and listen to my podcast episodes because I swear I was being a steward to God and He just did his thing.

Has this ever happened to you before?

Chances are, you have experienced this even if you think you haven’t.

What were you doing when your parents told you to turn off the lights and go to bed?

What were you doing when the streetlights came on and you knew it was time to go home?

What were you doing when you contemplated putting off lunch because you were so focused on what you were doing?

Whatever it was, I am willing to bet you experienced this at a young age before you had any idea what it was or what its significance would be later in life.

For me, I remember being 10-years-old when my parents told me I should become a professional party planner when I grew up.

I was always planning and designing.

Whether it was a beanie baby party (please tell me you know what those are…), a themed sleepover with activities with my friends, rollerblading around the basement serving plastic food to imaginary customers, playing store in my bedroom using monopoly money as currency… you could say I always had a knack for being a creative entrepreneur.

You could say that planning, designing and hosting were all passions of mine that turned into serving others in the most creative ways possible- what I refer to as my purpose.

As mentioned, if you are feeling stuck on what you’re passionate about, go catch a replay of episode 2 to get your gears turning.

Maybe you always dreamed of being a doctor.

Maybe you always dreamed of being a lawyer.

Maybe you always dreamed of being an athlete.

Whatever your case is, there is something there deep down under the titles that speaks to you for some bigger reason.

What is it?

I want you to take a moment to write down or think about what it is that speaks to you.

What sets your soul on fire?

What motivates you?

I don’t know about you, but there are days when I need a swift kick of motivation.

The easiest way for me to find the motivation I am looking for is to turn to the things that actually motivate me.

Even when you do what you love, there will be days when the task at hand may lose its sense of excitement because it becomes routine. However, this is more of a mindset thing that is easy to overcome. (More on that in the last episode- Getting Your Mind Ready for the New Year.)

If you find yourself needing motivation to complete that task at hand, even when you are in the right mindset about it, think about the end result.

What happens when it is completed?

For me, I know there are certain things that I need to get done and I tend to give myself a deadline so I have a little structure around here. Working from home with no one to hold me accountable means I could easily slack off, but I am too Type A for that! I am very driven, but that doesn’t mean I am always motivated.

So, when that feeling creeps in and I am needing motivation, I will make sure I am in a  “I get to do this” versus “I have to do this” mindset and I focus on what happens when the task is done.

For example, the end results here often means I have the opportunity to publish another blog, another podcast, or I am actively making a difference in someone else’s day.

In my eyes, that end result is more than enough to power through and get something done!

Can you relate?

Or maybe for you it is a little different.

I have a friend who I was recently coaching and she wanted guidance on turning her big ideas into a meaningful, clear business plan.

Despite this being something she is passionate about, the task itself seemed daunting and she wanted to keep putting it off.

We talked back and forth about it, and eventually we were able to come to the conclusion that although the work itself might take awhile, the end result is going to be more than rewarding and worth spending time on!

Or, maybe what motivates you is the same thing that you fear the most.

Starting a business, the idea of being your own boss.

Applying for that new job, the idea of a new opportunity.

Going to the gym, the idea of looking and feeling your best.

But, let me tell you this- if nothing changes, nothing changes.

So, what is it that motivates you?

(There’s a good chance that it is exactly what you should be tackling head-on right now!)

What’s your why?

When you’re doing that personal deep dive to figure out your passions and purpose, another great place to reflect upon is your why.

I remember when I was trying to figure out what the client experience with me would look like, whether that be a wedding client or a mentorship client, and it all came back to my love of people- on serving them in the most creative ways possible and keeping them at the focus as I make them feel loved, heard and appreciated!

When I was building the foundation of Lifestyle Courtney Noelle (later segmenting into LCN Events and mentorship/education), I knew I wanted my brand to signify all that I believe in and what represents “me” for my lifestyle.

Actually, it’s kind of fun to reflect and realize that LCN only came about after pitching my idea to one of our friends and him saying “you should name it Lifestyle Courtney Noelle” because he too saw how much of myself was in the brand.

Ok, so if you know the story, that wasn’t quite what he said. Be sure to tune into the podcast audio for the full deets!

Anyways, when I was pitching this amazing idea for what would become LCN, I knew right away that my personal values would become the business values with a people-first approach:

LCN values authenticity + integrity + relationships + faith + unity & purpose + community > competition.

I built a foundation of creating lasting relationships, making a difference and encouraging, motivating and inspiring others because I truly believe in being a light in other’s lives and I knew THIS was my true “why”.

Do you know what your “why” is?

If not, that’s ok. It’s there somewhere.

Trust me though, you will want to do whatever you can to get it to resurface, because your “why” will be the same thing that keeps you going.

This post is supposed to help you channel that inner badass, and sometimes the fastest way to do that is trudging through the mud, clearing blocks and resurfacing with your “why”.

Each sub-topic that we have discussed thus far leads up to this very moment. That thing that sets your soul on fire is fueled by the things that motivate you, and both of those things come back to your “why”.

Often times, your “why” is very strongly aligned with your purpose; BUT you won’t always notice until you become the most self-aware version of yourself that you can be.

Remember that quote mentioned in the beginning about consulting God on what He has in store?

This is where you will really want to apply that practice.

Creating Your Action Plan

Applying these practices can best be accomplished when you put together an action plan to achieve your vision. Next week I will be chatting more about goal setting and the steps to take to get you there, so be sure to tune in for helpful tools to make 2020 your best year yet!

Cheers friend!


Courtney Noelle