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November 29, 2019

It’s Engagement Season – Planning Your Wedding with Your BFF

Written by Courtney N. Shale // 11.25.19

Happy engagement season 2019-2020!

Did you know that 40% of couples get engaged between November – February each year? That means thousands upon thousands of brides and grooms-to-be are about to start planning their wedding. Will you be one of them?

With that said, wouldn’t it be SO fun to plan the wedding of your dreams with your best friend?!

With LCN Events, you CAN!

Past couples have said I become a lifelong friend after I help them bring their wedding dreams to life, and it is one of the most rewarding parts of what I do.

The average couples spend upwards of 450+ hours planning their wedding. You’re probably thinking of that infamous meme “ain’t nobody got time for that!!”. That’s where I come in.

Throughout our journey together, not only will I get to know your story- what brought you both together and what your next chapter together will look like, but I will be with you every step of the way, ultimately giving you the gift of time and becoming good friends in the process.

So, sit back, relax, get ready to celebrate and leave the rest to me!

Will you be one of the select LCN couples for 2020 or 2021 and work with a wedding planner who understands your day is SO much more than just a wedding? I sure hope so!

Keep reading to learn more!

Planning with LCN Events – The Experience

I mentioned that working with me means working with someone who understands your day is so much more than just a wedding – but what does that mean? Let’s dive in!

If you’ve looked at my website, you might have noticed the words “more than a wedding planner” spread throughout the pages. To me, each wedding and each couple is so much more than another wedding or a transaction. To me, each wedding and each couple is a lifelong relationship that is in the making while I have the honor of telling your story through meaningful details and thoughtful design.

The best way to put it is that you will have fun, you will celebrate, you will laugh, and you will feel like family!

As a one-woman team, my main focus is on building lasting relationships and serving my couples with the best of the best.

Weddings are so much more than just one day to me- I only book one wedding per weekend and take on a select few weddings per year to ensure every couple gets the wedding planning experience and expertise they deserve.

I focus on helping you with what I know best; while you and your families focus on celebrating and preparing for this next chapter in your lives!

You’ll always have the peace of mind knowing that you’re working with someone who knows the ins and outs of weddings, so you can ultimately have the engagement and wedding planning experience that you’ve dreamed about!

I remain in touch with my couples and their families long after the wedding is over and some of us occasionally get together to catch up to this day!

In short, you can expect to walk away with lots of hugs, happy tear-filled eyes and a life-long friend who is here for all of the things; wedding related or not!

My Philosophy + Mission – What I Do and Why

With over eight years in the industry, I have experienced weddings from multiple lenses; from venues, to country clubs, to resorts- and each milestone led me to creating an exclusive planning and design experience that focuses on you as a couple.

My approach and process were designed with one question in mind: “if I was the one planning my wedding, what would I want to experience from working with a planner?”

Through every step of the planning process, I help you focus on each memory that has gotten you to this milestone- from “Yes” to “I Do”- and how to incorporate those personal touches into the wedding of your dreams.

The expertise and experience that I radiate, paired with my passion and excitement for weddings, will leave you feeling relaxed and confident throughout your planning process, allowing you to have a fun and joyful experience leading up to your wedding day.

Each couple is different, each story is different, each journey is different; and your wedding should be, too. No detail will be overlooked as we showcase all of the most important aspects of the two of you as we turn your wedding dreams into reality.

What Makes LCN Different – My Process

As a boutique company, I only offer the best of the best for my couples. Let’s Start with the LCN Touch.

My commitment to a highly-personalized wedding planning experience means I only offer Full-Service Planning, Design and Management Services and work with a select number of couples per year to give my clients the attention and detail they deserve.

LCN Events only accepts 10 weddings per year to ensure each client gets the attention they deserve. The average engaged couple spends 450+ hours planning their wedding. Together, you will be able to experience the gift of time as we create a planning process that is seamless and highly-customized.

The Full-Service Experience

This exclusive, comprehensive service is ideal for the couples that have a full and busy life with a big vision and wants someone to guide them every step of the way, so they can have fun, relax and enjoy every milestone leading up to their big day. If you are the couple that wants the elite, highly-personalized touch, this one’s for you. My planning experience consists of three stress-free phases:

Phase 1. Planning & Design

The most enjoyable planning experience will give you the gift of time while I handle the details, strategy and logistics. During the planning and design phase, we will work closely together in my streamlined planning system to establish a budget, step-by-step planning checklists and timelines, matching you with your wedding pro dream team, sourcing travel and accommodations for you and your guests and more.

Once the planning foundation is set and your wedding pro dream team is complete, we move onto the creative side of wedding planning- design! You know that Pinterest board you have been creating for years? We will work in my virtual design studio to curate a space for all of your details, colors, textures, rentals, florals and more to personally bring that vision to life.

Phase 2. Production

This phase consists of all the behind-the-scenes work that is necessary to “make it happen”. My secret sauce is in handling communication, correspondence and coordination needs with your wedding pro dream team. From formalizing your wedding day timeline, finalizing details with your pro team and more, you and your fiancé will have time to relax, celebrate and focusing on tying the knot in this new season together while leaving the loose ends to me.

Phase 3. Wedding Management

The day you have been dreaming of has finally arrived and it’s time to make the magic happen! While you have fun and be present in the moment, I will be with you and managing the entire weekend of festivities from your rehearsal to the full wedding day. Checking in with you on-site first thing in the morning and up until I manage the flow of the evening, I will be assisting with logistics and transportation, welcoming your pro team and overseeing setup as your vision comes to life in each individual space.

Truly, an experience that is all about you. No stress, just details.

Let’s Wrap it in a Bow – Problems I Solve + The Result

So, what does all of this mean to you? Don’t take my word for it- here is what real LCN couples have had to say from their experience in working with me:

“After I got engaged, my mom and I thought we could plan my whole wedding ourselves and we could figure it all out. Boyyyy was I wrong! As soon as we sat down and started talking, I knew this girl would not only be my wedding planner for the next 10ish months, but she’d also be one of my great friends for the rest of my life. Courtney did everything for me and my (now) husband. Like everything (minus the couple of things I wanted to do lol). The conversations with vendors, setting up and attending meetings, the several phone calls, reminders about payments, setting up schedules, the timelines, she was there every step of the way. The constant communication between her and her couples is outstanding. I can honestly say my wedding would have been a total disaster if it weren’t for her. I never had to worry about one thing! Courtney was my rock all throughout wedding planning.…” – ES

“There were so many stressful nights on the phone with my mom about wedding planning that I just couldn’t take it anymore. Living in Florida, and planning a wedding in Ohio was not easy, but Courtney sure made it as easy as possible. My stressful conversations with my mom on my way home from work each day, would end in a text to Courtney who would reassure all was good, or get whatever was on my mind figured out. From late night texts about random things that popped into my head, to sharing dog photos and stories, she was there when I needed her….” – SC

“I’m not entirely sure how to put into words the absolute love I have in my heart for Courtney at LCN Events. I never imagined that just by hiring a wedding planner for our big day that I would be introducing myself to someone who would become one of my best friends in one short year. The instant I got engaged, I looked at my mother and my fiancé and told them I was hiring a wedding planner. I knew I could never put together the dream day that I had envisioned without the help of a professional. But after one phone call, that lasted over an hour, I knew Courtney was the person to get that done. LCN Events exceeded our wildest expectations and truly provided us a once in a lifetime wedding planning experience. Between long-distance phone calls and dinners at Campus Polleyes in BG, Courtney supported our dream for our big day and advocated for us every step along the way. Her passion and connections in the wedding industry opened the doors for us to meet fantastic vendors who helped make our dreams come true! There was never a time that Courtney wasn’t available to us and that was a reassuring feeling in an often-stressful time…” – KE

In short, it will be the experience of a lifetime that is well worth the investment!

A one-of-a kind experience that is all about you.

Bringing dreams to reality one wedding at a time- the LCN way.

To read the full love notes from real couples and learn more about the exclusive wedding planning experience with LCN Events, click here.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in learning more about how, together, we will turn your wedding dreams into reality and you get to experience planning your wedding with your *new* bff?!

Send me a message!


Courtney Noelle

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