Wedding Planning – Expectations and Budgeting for Your Big Day

October 10, 2019


Written by Courtney N. Shale

Wedding Planning – Expectations and Budgeting for Your Big Day

Today I shared a questions box in my story to see what types of wedding-related content you would like to see from me! The first one I am going to share is super important and has to do with expectations and budgeting for your big day.

Q: “How do you educate your couples on current and realistic pricing versus what they see on Pinterest?” – @perlaflordesigns
A: First off, what a fabulous question! I go over this with all of my couples and even brides and grooms who are simply in need of some guidance. Understanding what things cost and setting a budget before planning begins is probably THE most important first step!

My process is a little more in-depth because, after establishing a budget, we will discuss what is most important to them as a couple- their ultimate wish list or what lots of industry pros call “pricing the dream”. From there, I have a pretty good idea of what types of vendors we will want to add to their dream team to make this all happen. Then it is up to me to have the conversation of what things generally cost and set priorities of the things they don’t want to (and shouldn’t) sacrifice.

When I am planning with my clients and discussing design and helping them source their dream team, I will take some time to get to know their individual style as a couple, take in all accounts of their personality and be mindful of the budget allocations as previously discussed.

Just as working with a professional planner is an investment (with great return, by the way!!!), choosing the dream team of vendors is also an investment. Understanding how industry pros price themselves and their services is something I guide my couples through, but it is up to my couples to make the final decision on if the pro’s value matches up with what the couple wants.

In short, the average cost of a wedding has been rising, and I think helping couples understand where their budget is going and how to best allocate it through step-by-step guidance is extremely important and is something to be valued as well!

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