It’s More Than What You Offer – How to Create Your On-Brand Experience

October 8, 2019

August 15, 2019. Written by Courtney N. Shale.

It’s More Than What You Offer – How to Create Your On-Brand Client Experience

A question I get a lot is “how did you know what to offer when you started your business?”. For me, it all came together from my past experiences working at venues across the Midwest as an intern who had little say or control in how processes were established or how each place handled the planning process + event execution.

That was a lot, I know. Let me break it down for you.

My past experiences showed me a lot of the behind-the-scenes of how events were looked at more of a way to make an income and not an impact. To me- I questioned why it would be so hard to have both?! I was taught how to handle situations to save the bottom line, not to always make things right for the client.

To me, I was SO conflicted because I can read people. I could tell that clients were frustrated and all they really want is to be APPRECIATED and UNDERSTOOD.

So when deciding to start @lcn_events, I built my foundation and level of service based on a simple principle- how would I want to be treated if it was MY wedding?

I want to feel HEARD.

I want to feel VALUED.

I want to be an individual, NOT a number.

I want a REAL connection.

I want to establish TRUST and potentially form a friendship out of it because I know this person is for me and being GENUINE about their process to put me first.

And above all, I want someone to give me the freedom to be me and remind me that it’s MY day and there are no rules.

I want to create an EXPERIENCE.

It’s not about anything other than telling your story- who you are, what got you to this moment and what’s important to you as a couple. The details and everything else will follow, but it all begins and ends with you. It’s YOUR day!

All of that? I got from simply LISTENING and OBSERVING people and taking time to chat with them about MORE than the surface-level stuff because that’s what I would want, too.

I decided that this all could be offered and more and in a way I felt good about it because it’s a YOU-first approach (meaning my couples/people first) and collaborating on a vision in a way that builds a relationship.

That way, at the end of the day when all is said and done, your experience leaves you with moments like this!

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